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Preschool Adventures-1 Pro

1.99 usd

The full version of Kids Puzzles: Match-1. A matching puzzles game for 3-4 years old children!The game contains 36 puzzles with more than 600 high quality pictures designed for preschoolers. The game contains more than 140 audio files of: names of animals, sounds of animals, vegetables and fruits, colors, numbers, sizes, birds and others.
With this game your kid learns: ✔ Numbers: 1-10 (with sounds)✔ Shapes: square, circle and triangle (with sounds)✔ Sound of animals.✔ Colors (with sounds).✔ Names of vegetables and fruits.✔ Similarities of: transport, animal, fruits, clothes, insects, fish, dolls, kitchenware, work tools.✔ Sizes: big, medium and small (with sounds)✔ Bilateral awareness✔ Shadow of objects✔ Transport: different vehicles.
The puzzles are coming with sounds of animals, birds, musical-instruments, cars, tools, dolls and other objects.
♥ Like our other applications, this game has NO ads at all!♥ The puzzles are prepared by a child's mental development specialist.♥ The application was tested on tens of 3-4 children prior its release. The puzzles contain pictures of numbers, flowers, cartoons, transportation, fruits, vegetables, dolls, fishes, cloths, electrical equipment, kids' faces, sport, shapes, animals, insects, cars, colors and tools.
The puzzles also contain sounds: sounds of musical instruments, sounds of animals and birds, numbers by sound and other sounds effects.This application is relevant for preschool kids interested in: colors, geometric shapes, cars, sizes numbers, digits, fruits, vegetables, tools, education, educational, brain, development, skills.
Let's your kid enjoy and learn with our wonderful game "Kids Puzzles: Match-1"!